Walk Away From Smoking

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  • A four-step series that gives you the permission to stop the inner debate and stops smoking for good! The first audio training teaches you how to hypnotically relax. The second audio training prepares you for the Day of Liberation from smoking. The 3rd audio training is to be used when you are ready to make the lasting commitment to becoming a clean air breather. Why not stop smoking permanently with the easiest method known to mankind? Hypnosis has been proven to help change negative behaviors.
  • Clean Air Breather has 2 sessions of 30 minutes each. Band one message means that it is with one voice, while band two is with dual voices.
  • For the same price as 1 month of the cost of smoking a pack a day, you can walk away from cigarettes in less than one week! Buy all 6 volumes for only $109.00 which gives you a savings of $47.00 off of the whole set!

4CDs teach you in less than a week, to walk away from the smoking behavior for good!

  • Audio Training 1: Letting Go: Prepares you to relax and accept suggestion
  • Audio Training 2: Successful Change: Creates the commitment to change
  • Audio Training 3: Clean Air Breather 1 & 2: Step into the world as a clean air breather