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I am told by the experts that in order to create a new blueprint for your life, you must first detach from the old ways of thinking, so you can replace negative behaviors with new and improved behaviors that serve you better.   This idea is hardly a new idea because it has only been around for thousands of years.   You must throw the seed in the soil if it is to grow.  It won’t grow in your hand you have to let go of it.  However, not until recently, has modern man become aware that we control our destinies more than we realize.  That sounds all well and good, but what exactly am I talking about?  Well, most of us all can think, right?  It is from the thought, that springs creation.

So, to improve our lives, we must learn how to detach from the old negative ways of thinking and behaving, so we can begin to develop new positive thinking skills allowing us to rewrite our blueprint, so to speak.

Sometimes we let things get in our way because we hold on to negative ideas.  This process allows you to identify what you need to release on a subconscious level and that allows new positive ideas to emerge.

Change cannot happen if you continue to clutch onto the negative ways of thinking and behaving, right? My Letting Go audio training is a must-have primer to relaxation and release of whatever it is your subconscious desires to disconnect from.   As the basic ABCs of all of my audio training offerings, all you must do is listen and breathe quietly as positive and encouraging messages to move in and out of your awareness.

Before you know it, you are creating more safety and calm control in your life while you learn to weed out and let go of the old, self-restricting thoughts that no longer serve you.  I have had hundreds and hundreds of audio training listeners, and soon to be thousands, of happy listeners seeking to let go of the old negative ways of thinking to create positive improvement.  Click now and get started!


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